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Iron vitriol is organic coagulant used for water purification. The substance is readily soluble, has low toxicity and form of green-blue crystals. It is non-flammable, fire and explosion-proof. Unlike lime, it is not so sensitive to the pH level. As coagulant it is used for sewage treatment, drinking water purification, water conditioning in the metallurgical, chemical and energy sector. Ukrainian companies use this substance for water purification from chromium and cyanide salts, to produce sulfur dioxide or iron oxide. In agriculture it is used to improve the quality of soil and as fertilizer. Iron vitriol is suitable for improving turbid water with naturally high level of alkalinity. Instructions for use are simple. FeSO4 (GOST 6981-94) is prepared using the methods of disposal of exhaust pickling sulfurous solutions. You can buy vitriol packed in polypropylene “big-bag” containers (up to 1000 kg). Delivery: by rail and road transport. Advantages: unlimited shelf life and low price. Neosintez SPE offers to buy iron sulfate at an affordable cost. Our company cooperates with water services companies of Kiev, Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Brovary and others. Prices and description are given on our website. You can also order online. In addition, the company provides consulting services to select the required reagents.

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