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Aluminum sulfate (AS) is widely used as coagulant for treatment of water and wastewater, in textile, paper, and leather production facilities. It can also be used as a waterproofing agent and accelerator in concrete production. The substance helps to purify drinking water from bacteria, suspended solids, and hard salts. It is used by the majority of enterprises engaged in the supply of heat and hot water in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities. The coagulant is technical grade aqueous solution, which is prepared by reacting sulfuric acid with aluminum hydroxide. In the liquid state it is a clear solution with a grayish tinge. In the solid state it has the form of blocks, non-compacted plates or unformed pieces. It may have different sizes and weights of up to ten kilograms. The coagulant is white, with gray, blue or pink tint. Main advantages: ease in use, storage and delivery. The agent can be stored for long periods and is inexpensive. Neosintez Company offers to buy technical grade refined aluminum sulfate at an affordable cost. Prices are given in the description on our website. You can order online by completing the form on the website. In addition, we provide consulting services to select the necessary reagents for water and sewage treatment. Aluminum sulfate is sold in specialized soft “big bag” containers (MKP-1.0 C, MKP-1.0M). Their pockets contain a label with the product name, its grade, GOST, batch number. Sometimes labels are painted on the side of the container. Aluminum sulfate is delivered (in Ukraine and the CIS countries) by rail and road transport. Shelf life is not limited.

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