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Physical and chemical processes of industrial wastewater treatment include coagulation, flocculation, extraction, sorption, evaporation, flotation, ion exchange, crystallization, dialysis, decontamination, and deodorization. Purified technical grade aluminum polyoxysulfate (POS) is a modern, economical reagent with excellent characteristics. It is used for cleaning of industrial and domestic wastewater, drinking water, as well as treatment of wastewater sediments. The substance is used to replace two other chemical cleaners: aluminum sulfate and aluminum polyoxychloride of different bases. Advantages in comparison with other reagents: – Coagulating properties of the agent can be significantly increased during purification of natural water with water source temperature of 4°С to 25°С. – It can be used all year round in all regions of Ukraine and other CIS countries, taking into account the individual characteristics of water treatment stations. – It has greater effectiveness compared to Al2(SO4)3. -It has greater equivalent removal activity compared to Al3+ ions of average alkalinity (≈ 40%). – It is superior to polyaluminium chloride in terms of discoloration and decreased water oxidation. – It is less inclined to change the alkalinity and acid-base balance of water. Neosintez Company offers to buy aluminum polyoxysulfate for industrial and commercial use. POS can be ordered from our specialists or directly through the website. The “Products” section contains photos and description of product characteristics. In addition, we provide consulting services. Our experts will help you choose the right reagents. If you are interested in the price of POS coagulant, our consultants will gladly help you.

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