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Liquid aluminum polyoxychloride or aluminum hydroxychloride (International Nonproprietary Name – PAC) is a promising and cost-effective of coagulant new generation. It is used in many processes: drinking water treatment, disinfection, sewage treatment in industry and agriculture. Molecular formula: [[Al2(OH)nCl6-n]m –1 ≤n≤ 5 m ≥10. Advantages of use: 1. Smaller dosage than with aluminum sulfate (in terms of Al2O3 percentage). 2. It has stronger polymerization ability, forms flakes and precipitates coagulated slurry faster. 3. It reduces corrosion activity of water due to lack of excess sulfates. 4. It may be used in extended temperature ranges, dissolved without residue, require no pre-heating of water for the preparation of the working solution. 5. It reduces the content of organ chlorine compounds; 6. It provided maximum elimination of suspended solids and metals. 7. It has an expanded optimum pH range; almost does not change the alkalinity of water. 8. It is convenient for automated dispensing systems. 9. It significantly reduces the formation of gypsum deposits in process equipment and pipelines.

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