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Trivalent iron III and hydrochloric acid salt. Appearance: soft crystalline mass of dark rusty-brown color. Iron chloride (III) is produced in the form of anhydrous salt, heptahydrate and solutions. It is used as catalyst in organic synthesis, as mordant in textile dyeing, as well as to prepare iron pigments and other iron salts. Compared with other coagulants, particularly aluminum sulfate, FeCl3 has rather high deposition rate of various impurities. Aqueous solutions of iron chloride are used as coagulants in sewage and industrial wastewater treatment during activated sludge treatment. They are excellent in eliminating odors by binding hydrogen sulfide and sulfides. They are widely used by meat processing plants, poultry farms, food production facilities, metallurgical and machine-building plants, tanneries, etc. Aqueous solutions have mild etching properties, they are used for etching of printed circuit boards, copper foil and metal parts prior to plating. Ferric chloride FeCl3 is used in production of building materials as an additive to Portland cement to accelerate the setting process. Recommended water-cement ratio (W/C) is within the range of 0.4 – 0.5. The addition of FeCl3 allows increasing the W/C ratio. – as a starting material for preparing other iron compounds, – as a component of tinting solutions in photo industry, – in chemical and other industries. The substance is stored and transported in containers made of plastic (PP, PE, PVC), steel with rubber gaskets (gummed), or titanium.

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