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Calcined soda or sodium carbonate is a white substance produced in powder form. It is obtained by calcination of sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3) or sodium carbonate crystalline hydrate. The powder is produced in four ways: using ammonia, based on natural soda; in the processing of nephelines, and by carbonation of sodium hydroxide. It is used in food, leather, chemical industry, in the manufacture of glass, soap, in the production of goods for domestic use, zinc, lead, tungsten, chromium, strontium in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, in the manufacture of crystal glass, foam glass, glass blocks, ceramic tiles, as well as in the production of aluminum for bauxite, leather, and pulp processing. Calcined soda is different from baking soda in a way that it has stronger caustic and alkaline properties. As it enables easy elimination of contamination, softening of water or removal of fat, it is included in various detergents. Depending on the scope of use, the substance is divided into grade A and B. Grade A is used in the manufacture of electron-tube glass and other materials. Grade B – in the glass and other industries. An advantage of the product is its low cost. The substance can neutralize acids in industrial sewages, for example, in the treatment of oil products. Neosintez Company offers to buy high-quality sodium carbonate. If you need to buy calcined soda in bulk, please contact us. We offer any delivery volumes at affordable prices.

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