It is common knowledge that the water quality affects quality of our lives. This is especially true for residents of big industrial cities. Megacities consume huge amounts of water, and often this is sub-standard water. Therefore, industrial water treatment is of great importance today; this is an important point of the sustainable environment preservation. Ukraine has a lot of enterprises that contaminate water resources with petrochemical products, heavy metals and other toxic substances. Discharge of pollutants into lakes and rivers affects the environment and human health. Pre-filtering and cleaning may help to avoid disaster and save our nature. For this reason, water treatment and waste water purification becomes a major challenge for almost all plants. Selection of the optimal treatment system depends on the type of raw materials and manufacturing process, as well as the waste volume. But first and foremost, plant managers should be interested in reducing the pollutant content in discharged water. In addition, some enterprises face the problem of water cleaning from iron. Such need results from the continuous cycle of the manufacturing process.

Neosintez Research and Development Enterprise specializes in the industrial water treatment. We offer a wide range of services in selection of water treatment systems and water conversion for plants and enterprises. At that, we use the latest technologies and tools. We supply various types of coagulants and flocculants at an affordable price. Our partners are the water utilities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsya, Brovary, Odesa and other cities. Taking into account relevance of the issue, Neosintez RDE offers new modern methods of water and sewage purification. The Company has the state-of-the-art material and technical base, which allows making products that meet the highest standards. We offer many solutions that not only protect the environment, but also reduce the business’s costs for purification. In order to choose the optimum performance and cost of the water treatment system, one needs to solve a lot of issues, for example, to define points of water sampling. A wide choice of developments and technical capacities allow us to implement high technologies in everyday life on the professional level. Our experts will help to determine the best cleaning materials. Many-year experience of our Company allows our technologists to offer the best possible solutions. And in case of need, they may suggest several alternative ways of water purification. Please see the detailed description of coagulants and pictures in the “Products” section.